Founded in 1970, The Massapequa Soccer Club has a long had a philosophy of soccer is "fun". Unfortunately there are investments that need to be made by both the Club and its Members in order to provide a place where children can learn and have fun playing the game. There are times when members cannot afford to make those investments.

The Massapequa Player Assistance Fund has always "been around" in that many teams and coaches have helped out families that may be struggling financially for whatever reason;  this is what neighbors do for each other. There are times when that is not enough and additional relief needs to be sought and that is what the Player Assistance Fund seeks to do.

The PAF is not a vehicle to consistently offset training fees, but rather to be used as a lifeline for families in hardship who need temporary assistance.  The Massapequa Soccer Club is proud to be able to offer this assistance.

In order to be considered for PAF, the player must reside in either the Massapequa or the Massapequa Park Zip Codes (11758, 11762) or have been a participant in The Massapequa Soccer Club for at least two full soccer years (ie Fall '20 & Spring '21 would be one full soccer year). Click the link to the left to apply.